Here is a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions that I have received.  They are great information for you to know:

  • Are your wedding day packages customizable and can I mix and match items? Absolutely! We are here to provided you with exactly what you are looking for. If you need more time on your wedding day, you would like an engagement but maybe not a bridal, whichever combination of elements works best for you on your day, we can provide.

  • Do you shoot engagement parties or events for my wedding? Absolutely. Pricing is all based on time and location. This is also subject to availability.

  • Do you shoot engagement sessions without a contract? Yes, this is also subject to availability. A-la-cart photo sessions are $250 and payment is due on the day of your shoot.

  • What comes with a photo session? Photo sessions are 90 minutes and you are guaranteed no less then 100 pictures. Outfit changes, props and pets are welcome. These images are sent to you digitally, through a link. You will also receive a Rights Release.

  • Do you allow pets? Absolutely. I love animals and reptiles and have a lot of experience working with them. Even if your pet is shy or hates cameras, they are welcome.

  • Do you have props? Yes. I have several props that I can bring along with me and I know a few vendors who rent antiques, depending on what theme you have in mind.

  • When do I need to have my Bridal session shot by? Your bridals sessions needs to be done as soon as you get your dress or 4 weeks before your wedding date. If you want to have your bridal session pictures at your wedding we need to leave time to take the pictures, edits them, send them to you, you order the enlargement, have them delivered and a small amount of wiggle room just incase of damage or delays. If I am providing the canvas I give my people 2 weeks for shipping so all canvas items must be ordered no later then 3 weeks before the event. 

  • Do you require a deposit? Yes, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit when you sign a contract. A signed contract and a deposit secures your date.

  • Does the deposit go towards the package price? Yes, absolutely. The deposit is the first payment on your contract and is included in the price, not added on top of the contract price.

  • Are you LGBT friendly? Yes. We celebrate love. If you have found that person who your soul loves, I want to celebrate that moment in your lives with you.

  • Do you have travel fee’s? Yes. I travel from Huntsville to Katy along the I-45 with no travel fee. I charge a fee when the travel distance is over 100 miles, round trip, for me. Please write me with the physical address to your venue and I will be happy to give you a quote.

  • Do you hold dates? No. I am sorry, but I cannot hold a date open for anyone, without a contract and deposit.

  • Do you provide “RAW” format images? No. I am sorry. There are a few reasons I do not. First is because of space. Raw format images are very large. Most people have trouble downloading this big of file sizes. It has caused frustration and confusing in the past. Second, you have to have special software to view Raw images as well as edit them. Third, as a brand I want to make sure that all images that go out to my clients are of a certain standard and quality. Lastly, it can be a liability to me in that these file are so big that they have a potential of freezing or crashing some computers. With the jepg images you receive you can still edit and manipulate with no problem.  

  • Do you offer discounts? No. Sorry, I do not think it is fair to offer discounts to one couple and not to another. I keep my prices as low and as fair as I can.

  • What happens if the Photographer gets sick or hurt? This is a very important question. I have several freelance photographers that I work with. I also have a friend who owns his own company with 13 in-house photographers under him. I make sure that everything is covered and you will have a photographer on your wedding day.

  • What is your turnaround time to receive my pictures? Three – Four weeks, depending on the time of year and my work load.

  • What is the turnaround time for video? Four to 8 weeks, depending on the editing package you have chosen. Or, if you want a highlight reel and how long of a highlight reel you receive. The more editing, the more time will be needed.

  • Are all of the images I receive edited? Yes, every picture is looked at and retouched before I send them to you. Editing can be anything from lighting touch-up to color correction. I also include some black and white pictures.

  • How will I receive my pictures? All images are delivered digitally, through my dropbox and on a USB after your wedding date.

  • If I order a canvas from you, when does it need to be ordered by? Canvas and other prints have a processing time and a shipping time. I really want to make sure that the print arrives, perfect and on time before your wedding date. Due to this, I strongly suggest that the print be ordered no less than 3 weeks before the date of your event. 

  • Do you have maximums on the number of pictures I will receive? No. You are guaranteed no less then 500 pictures for wedding days and no less then 100 pictures for photo sessions. (Unless specifically stated otherwise do to your specific event.) 

  • Do I have to come back to you after everything is complete to buy more of my images? NO! You will already own the rights to all your images. Some companies will allow you a certain number of images. For example, you buy a package that allows you to pick 400 of your favorite images. If you want more, you can purchase them for an added price. This can get very expensive for you. With us, I don’t have maximums, where you would have to pay me more for your images. I have minimums can be easily achieve at most weddings, and any other images over the minimums are for you to enjoy.

  • Do you have on-line viewing? No. I can, but, since you will receive all your images with a Rights Release, there is no need for an online gallery. If you would like to give the pictures to every person who attends your event, you are free to do so.

  • Can I order physical prints through you? Yes. I can print everything from canvas, metal and wood prints to 4×6 photo paper if you like.

  • Do you have a shop? I do not have a physical location where you can drop by and visit me. I am happy to meet people at comfortable public locations and hear all about the plans for your day. I usually meet at a convenient Starbucks.

  • Can I add time on my wedding day after the contract has been signed? Absolutely. I do not schedule anything else on your wedding day and am flexible to your schedule on the day. Any changes must be made in writing (email) 48 hours prior to your wedding date. 

  • What is your shooting style? I would say Fun and Super Detailed. I shoot very fast so as not to keep your guests waiting too long. But, I also make sure that we get all of the beautiful pictures of you and the ones you love.

  • What does a Rights Release mean? In photography, the person taking the picture (the photographer) retains any and all rights to the images, as property. A Rights Release is a statement by the photographer that allows the reprinting and/or distribution of the images to other people for either a short period of time or permanently. Your release will be for use by any person or company that wants permission to print the images. It is a permanent use right.  

  • October weddings: October is our busiest time of year, by far. Here are some things to consider that are special about October weddings:

  1. The turn around-time to receive your pictures is 3-4 Weeks. No sooner.

  2. It is best to do bridal, wedding party portraits and some group portraits before the ceremony, because of lighting. The daylight time in October changes quickly through the month, approaching daylight savings time. This gives people a false impression that they have perfect lighting until 7 or 8pm. This changes from year to year. But, the closer you get to Halloween, the faster the light disappears. Doing the majority of your traditional pictures before the ceremony will ensure that you have enough lighting for  pictures we do after the ceremony.

  3. It is best to book your weddings ASAP. These dates get booked fast.