Comparison Chart

Sometime  there is so much information it is hard to take it all in. All vendors do business a different way and it can become confusing to make an informed decision. In an effort to make things a little clearer, I have created this visual grid that we are all familiar with when purchasing items on-line. A comparison grid. Although, I will not be naming other companies by name. This will give you a general look at my company in comparison to others company Types in my field. I encourage you to do the same type of grid when making your decisions. That way you will know exactly what you are looking at and which person fits best with your wedding. 


Why Choose 

NO Maximum on how many pictures

you will receive.


90 minute Photo sessions


Guaranteed 100 edited images for

photo sessions.  

3-4 week turn around times for photos. 

4-12 week turn around times for video.

Gallery link you can send to all your friends & family for free downloads.

Free editing on all your images.

Simple, straight forward payment plans with final payment after the wedding date.

We do not schedule anything else on your date. 

Starting package under $1000 dollars.

2ns Shooters


Phone or Office consultation.

Photo rights release.

Can buy prints from us. 

Many companies will give you credits toward the purchase of your pictures. Usually 400. Any pictures you like past those 400 you will pay additional for. I do not do this. You will receive a Minimum of 500 pictures. You will receive all of the images from your wedding. 

Most, if not all, companies have 1hr photo sessions. I believe that people need a little more time to get comfortable and not rush the session.

With the price of the photo session also comes your pictures. Most companies will charge you for the photographers time and then you have to pay extra for the images. Or they will give you 30 edited images. I guarantee 100.

Depending on the time of year we can get your photos to you in no more then 3-4 weeks. The larger the company, the longer the turn around time usually is.

The link I send you is open to everyone. It is free to download and can easily be shared with out of town guests. 

You are our main focus on your wedding day.

Starting prices for packages range greatly. I started my business with a package under $1000 & I will keep it that way. With all the service I provide & the amount of pictures you get, I feel it is a good and fair deal. 

Our turn around time is very quick! Tine all depends on the package.

Editing is not an additional coast with us. It is a part of the service.

Most Companies want to be paid in full 30 days before the wedding date. I think it makes people more comfortable to have the final payment when you receive your pictures 3-4 weeks after your wedding date. I never ask for a payment  on the wedding day  because I want to keep our focus on you having a good time. 

All with check marks in the Offered Often column are items that most if not all company's will offer. If they do not offer that service you should ask why they don't. Excluding a 2nd shooter or video. 

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